Configuration and Setup

Configuring Airtunnel is as easy as configuring Airflow – simply add a section in your airflow.cfg for Airtunnel:

declarations_folder = <absolute-path-to-your-declarations-folder>
data_store_folder = <absolute-path-to-your-data-store-folder>
scripts_folder = <absolute-path-to-your-scripts-folder>

# we use the default settings for a local data store & metadata being written on the Airflow DB:
data_store_adapter_class = airtunnel.data_store.LocalDataStoreAdapter
meta_adapter_class = airtunnel.metadata.adapter.SQLMetaAdapter
meta_adapter_hook_factory = airtunnel.metadata.adapter.DefaultSQLHookFactory

See Physical data store setup on how to set up your physical data store for Airtunnel.